Our hospital is well equipped with latest, modern instruments from reputed companies to give best eye care possible.

Routine Outpatient services

Patient examination unit chair with slit lamp biomicroscope
Digital vision chart
Autorefractometers : Potec & canon
Noncontact tonometer: Huvitz
Digital Lensometer: Huvitz
Refraction trial set
Indirect ophthalmoscope
Direct ophthalmoscope
78D &90D lens for retinal evaluation

Cataract services

Axis Ultrasound A scan: France
Echo rule 2A scan: Biomedix
Moller wedel operating microscope
Takagi OM8 operating microscope
Nd-YAG laser for after cataract

Glaucoma services

Noncontact tonometer
Perkins applanation tonometer
Gonioscope: to visualize AC angle
Humphrey Field analyser
Topcon OCT for angle assessment & optic disc evaluation
Quantel Pachymeter: to assess the corneal thickness
Nd-YAG laser for PI
Trabeculectomy surgery instruments

Retina services

Indirect, Direct & 90D examination of retina
Green laser for diabetic retinopathy & other retinal treatment
Topcon OCT for macula & retinal evaluation
Fundus camera for taking retinal photograph
Facilities for intravitreal injection

Cornea Services

OCT for CCT measurements
C3R machine to treat Keratoconus
Facilities for ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses)
LASIK, SMILE & other refractive surgeries: Associated with reputed hospital services


Instruments required to perform squint, lid and lacrimal surgeries

Best Eye Hospital for Diabetic Retinopathy

Green Laser

Best Eye Hospital for Diabetic Retinopathy

Vision Field Test Machine

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in Bangalore

Axis A-Scan

Doctor for ICL Surgery in Bangalore

Canon Autorefracometer

Best Doctor for ICL Surgery in Bangalore

Digital Vision Chart

Eye Hospital in Yelahanka

Direct Ophthalmoscope

Eye Hospital in Bangalore

Fundus Camera

Best Eye Hospital in Bangalore


Top Eye Hospital in Bangalore

Green Laser

Good Eye Hospital in Bangalore


Eye Care Hospital

Huvitz Lensmeter

Eye Care Hospital in Bangalore

Huvitz Noncontact Tonometer

Best Eye Care Hospital in Bangalore

Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Eye Care Center in Bangalore


Eye Specialist in Yelahanka

Nd-YAG laser

Eye Specialist in Vidyaranyapura

Perkins Applanation Tonometer

Eye Specialist in Vidyaranyapura Bangalore

Phaco Hand Piece

Eye Specialist in Bangalore

Potec Autorefef Keratometer

Best Eye Specialist in Bangalore

Quantel Pachymeter

Good Eye Specialist in Bangalore


Top Eye Specialist in Bangalore

Topcon Aladdin

Eye Clinic in Yelahanka New Town

Video Slit Lamp

Eye Clinic in Yelahanka

Topcon OCT

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