Patient is requested to report at the reception for registration between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and between 5pm-8pm on all week days.

Consultation fees have to be paid at reception counter during registration.

Post-operative patient/ Revisit patients shall wait in the waiting area, while their records are traced.

Kindly wait for your turn to be examined by an ophthalmic assistant who would collect clinical history, check vision, carry out refraction, etc...

Patient would then be seen by the senior consultant in their chambers.

The time taken to examine & treat each patient is variable; hence they are requested to await their turn patiently for better treatment.

Preference will be given for patient prior appointment can be made by contacting the reception by phone or in person.

Sometimes the patient may not be seen at the appointment time, may be because of emergencies, they were requested to await their turn patiently.

Investigation may be advised following the examination by senior consultants, They may be carried out the same day or at a later date depending on the emergency of the procedure & the convenience of the patient or/and Doctor.

The charges for the investigation/ procedure can be enquired at the reception& prior payment made in advance.

Appointment for surgery has to be taken in advance from the reception in co-ordination with the operating surgeon except in emergencies.

Those awaiting the cash-less facility need to contact the help desk/administrator.

Processing the paper may take few hours to a day as prior permission needs to be taken from the concerned authority.

Protocol for Routine Outpatient Examination

Entry → Registration at Reception
Vision Testing
Auto refraction
NCT for Person ≥ 20 years
BP if Hypertensive
Doctor Consultation↔ Investigation/Dilation
Exit → Reception

Protocol for Painful red Eye/Eye discharge/Foreign body case

Entry → Reception
Vision Testing-No pinhole Test
Doctor Consultation ↔ If Corneal FB Paracain e/d in waiting area
If Corneal FB, Repeat paracain e/d+Antibiotic e/o+painculer tablets

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