More than 10.000 free cataract surgeries at Lions Eye Hospital, Koppal and Rotary Eye Hospital, Arsikere. Many school screening programmes in and around Arsikere. Free eye screening including all section of society like teachers, bank officers, police personnel, auto drivers etc., We also enlisted the support of popular cine actor Sri Doddanna and Rotary Eye Hospital to start the first eye collection center of Arsikere in 2010, in association with Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore.

In nutshell we would like to showcase our services during last 1 Year.

On 5th September 2010, free eye examination for 60 teachers to celebrate" Teacher's Day".

Donate eyes to gift sight as a mission, Dr. Rajkumar's Eye collection center at our Doddaballapur center in association with Narayana Netralaya has collected 50 eyes in the past one year. We thank Dr. Indira Shyam Prasad for her devoted cooperation in this accomplision. We are grateful to Dr.Rajkumar Eye Bank, Narayana Nethralaya for their constant support and encouragement. We are indebted to the donors family members and service organizations of Doddaballapur.

In the month of Oct. 2010, free testing of School children for a month was conducted at Doddaballapur and nearly 100 children were treated for free.

1.1.2011 to 28.2.2011 free eye examination for nearly 300 patients at Doddaballapur center was done in association with various social service organizations.

'CODE' van - A unique mobile van sponsored by World diabetic foundation for comprehensive Diabetic and Eye care services was initiated at Doddaballapur in association with Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology. The CODE Van provides Heart, Kidney, Liver, Foot and Eye examinations at subsidized rate affordable to all needy patients. We thank Prabha Eye Institute, Jayanagar, Bangalore for their support.

On 7th Mar 2011, free school screening in a Govt, school with free distribution of glasses to needy students at Doddaballapur was conducted.

Our ambit of social service extended towards another noble cause of fighting mental and social disorders. A free Neuro Psychiatric camp in association with Sneha Manovikasa Kendra, Tumkur was organized on 12 June 2011.

On 24th July we had a free epilepsy screening and drugs distribution camp working hand in hand with Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore.

Headache is the commonest illness affecting human kind after toothache. A Free camp for psychiatric and migraine patients was held on 28 August 2011.

On 4th September 2011 we worked with Rotary Club of IV phase, Yelahanka for a free eye check up and free distribution of medicines for poor and needy patients. Nearly 100 patients were benefitted.

On 1 Nov 2011 - a free eye examination camp was organized in association with Samartha Seva Trust at Migun, Yelahanka Newtown. Nearly 200 peoples were examined.

On 6th Nov. 2011 in association with Brahmin Maha Sangha, subsidized cataract surgeries for 5 poor & needy patients were done at our new hospital at Yelahanka.

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